N2: Road-teams earn victories on game-day 8, key-win for Zolwer

N2: Road-teams earn victories on game-day 8, key-win for Zolwer

8 games are played in the Nationale 2 and the results from game-day 8 are special as all 5 road-teams earned a victory, which is very rare.

Zolwer is the biggest winner of the game-day as they were able to beat Telstar 72:69. Prudhomme and Surdivant combined for 51 points to lead their team to a key-win because in the standings, Zolwer now has a 1-point-lead over Telstar. Telstar seems like the only team that will have a chance to make a run at the best 4 teams in the division.

Gréngewald may have lost all hopes to make the play-offs after a 3rd loss in a row. Contern dominated the game and beat the greens 108:74. Contern stays on the first place without a loss on the season.

After their tremendous cup-win during the week, Heffingen struggled in Mersch but was able to win 78:72 in the end. Heffingen has to deal with some injury-problems as Tim schmit will miss more games with a foot injury, Zender is also injured while Max Schmit did not play in this game but should return soon. Black Star is currently at the dangerous 9th place in the standings.

Promoted team Mamer won its 2nd straight game and 3rd overall by beating a winless Kayl-team 101:82. If Kayldall can not turn things around, relegation seems to be unavoidable.

BC Mess stays in the top 4 of the league after earning a 101:91-win over Bascharage. Mess trailed to start the 4th quarter but was able to score 40 in the last 10 minutes to turn the game around.

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